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Muses: The Studio Bunny

As I look back on the last 20 years of studio time, there has always been one consistency…a studio bunny. The studio bunny has always been a constant muse for me, bringing playfulness, joy, friendship and love to my work on a daily basis. I have never painted a show without having a studio bunny by my side. My first painting companion was “Buddy” bunny…a little red-eyed, Netherland Dwarf with an attitude. He lived in the upper floor of a two story bunny condo and was my high school companion for 10 years until his passing in 1997. In 1998, I moved to Victoria BC to attend school and one day fell in love with a baby mini lop-eared bunny which I named Mopsey. In 2002 when I opened up a studio/gallery on Yates St in downtown Victoria, Mopsey became the official studio guard bunny. She was litter box trained and had free run of the studio, following me around almost everywhere I went. In the fall of 2006, I had to put Mopsey down. My heart was broken and I swore I’d never get another bunny again. In 2007, I met Flopsey…a baby grey mini-lop and she came back to my studio cabin with me. A few months later, Flopsey was joined with Beatrice bunny, a fluffy Lionhead and we were one big happy family. Flopsey passed away on my birthday last year in 2012 and sent me once again into heartache. She is survived by “Shay” bunny who currently blesses my studio work and most recent 2013 exhibition.

Bud Bunny

Buddy Bunny

Baby Mopsey

Mopsey Bunny

Flopsey and Beatrice Bunnies

Flopsey and Beatrice Bunnies


Shay Bunny